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WETT Inspection

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A WETT level 1 inspection is the most commonly used inspection. It is a basic inspection defined by WETTINC as a visual inspection with the use of basic tools but does not include the use of a ladder. WETT level two inspections, also known as “Technical Inspections”, include all elements of a visual inspection as well as hands on work that may include entering attic space, accessing the chimney from the roof and taking apart various components of the system including flue pipes etc. If you require more than a WETT level 1 please contact our office directly.

WETT or Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. is a an Association of installers, chimney sweeps, and inspectors who have been educated, trained and certified to install and inspect such installations to ensure they meet the applicable requirements.

WETT inspection can only be performed on a new / clean chimneya chimney sweep may be required if it is too dirty. If you require a cleaning and WETT inspection, see Chimney Cleaning instead.

Please note: We do not service gas inserts or pellet stoves.